"Weekly Silent Meditation Service"

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Ongoing - Tuesdays, 6:00 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

"Spending forty-five minutes in meditation can make a powerful impact on your well-being and quality of life, says Greg Barrette. "There is no single better tool for spiritual growth and personal well-being than meditation. Being supported by a group makes meditation much easier. Numerous studies by research labs at major universities have confirmed the effectiveness of meditation to heal and reduce stress. We have witnessed healing of mind, body and circumstances that can be attributed to this group practice.”  

A free-will offering will be taken. For more information on this Silent Meditation Service, please call 847-297-0997.

“A Simple Reverent Prayer Circle”

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Each Sunday at 10:20 am, Beginning April 3
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

"This Simple, Reverent Prayer Circle will give participants an opportunity to spontaneously speak aloud our heartfelt prayers for other people in our lives.  By supporting each other in prayer, we will each experience the power of healing that Jesus claimed would happen when 'two or three are gathered'" said Greg Barrette. "This will be an easy, natural and unrehearsed gathering of healing hearts in prayer, and will be about fifteen minutes in duration."

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this event, please call 847-297-0997

“Rearranging the Furniture of Your Life”

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016
7:00 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

“Sometimes, things look differently that you wanted. What can you do then?" said Greg Barrette. "In this seminar, we will explore ways to manage delays and handle disappointments, while still moving towards our spiritually-set goals"

A free-will offering will be taken and no pre-registration is required. For more information, please call 847-297-0997.

“Embracing New Possibilities for 2017”

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Wednesdays, December 7, 14 & 21, 2016
7:00 pm
Facilitated by: Lynn Barrette, LCSW
"In this class, we will use journaling, visualization, meditation and discussion to fully let go of all that has happened in the past year and open up to a new experience in 2017,” said Barrette, who has a private therapy and spiritual counseling practice in Mount Prospect.

“To clear the way for the best possibilities in the new year, it's time to forgive and release old, past issues and experiences from 2016."
A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this class, please call 847-297-0997.

For more information on Lynn Barrette, LCSW, call 224-828-9877, or visit dynamiccounseling.info.

“Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service”

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Saturday, December 24, 2016
6:00 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister & Lynn Barrette, LUT

“A Heartfelt Christmas” will be the theme of a candle lighting service that will be held at 6:00pm on Saturday, December 24th at Unity Northwest Church.

Many Christmas selections will be performed as part of the musical celebration in the service, with noted musical artists Megon McDonough and Tatiana Naumova.  

The moving candlelight ceremony will be preceded by a brief talk given by Greg Barrette, minister of Unity Northwest Church and co-officiated by Lynn Barrette, Licensed Unity Teacher. The time of this year's service has been changed from previous years.

“The simple acts of lighting a candle and singing a song can be a powerful reminder of the inner light and music that unites all of humanity.” said Barrette.  “The magical music and light of Christmas all began with the miraculous angel choir that sang to the shepherds as they watched the light-filled stars above them."

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service, please call 847-297-0997.

“New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Service”

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Saturday, December 31, 2016
6:00 pm
Facilitated by: Greg Barrette, Senior Minister

“A Time for Release!” will be the theme of a Burning Bowl service that will be led by Gregory Barrette, Minister of Unity Northwest, at 6:00pm on Saturday, December 31st at Unity Northwest Church.

The time of this year's service has been changed from previous years.

A Burning Bowl Ceremony will be held at the start of the service,
followed by an opportunity to write a letter to God and a letter from
God. “New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to let go of old, stuck concepts and energy and to consciously create what we want to see happen in 2017,” said minister Greg Barrette.  “During this service, we will burn our lists of what we don’t want to experience anymore.  Then, we will each write a letter to God, followed by a meditative experience that will lead to writing a letter from God!  This service features our Music Director, Megon McDonough and accompanist Tatiana Naumova.”

A free-will offering will be taken.  For more information on this New Year’s Eve Service, please call 847-297-0997.

"Monday Morning Metaphysics"

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10:30 am to Noon
Facilitated by: Rev. Mary Beth Speer

Monday Morning Metaphysics, a casual, ongoing weekly New Thought class, is embarking on an exciting new book selection, THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING: Opening to the Divine through Prayer by Eric Butterworth. This New Thought classic delves into the very heart of our connection with the divine by boldly exploring the history, nature and function of effective prayer.  In everyday language, Dr. Butterworth also shares practical techniques for deepening our prayer experience at every level.

It will be preceded by a short (1-hour) meta-movie, "Special Delivery." Actor/writer Harry Hart-Browne wrote and acts in this amazing one-man play, wherein we meet 20 characters who show what it’s like to “remember our Spirit while doing the Earth gig.”  Here’s text from the promo:
“Harry’s excited!  He just got cast in a new play!  The director, however, is his Higher Self, and the play is this lifetime on Earth.  Will Harry get trapped in his role, or will he remember his Spirit?”
Special Delivery was recorded live.  Monday Morning Metaphysics is open to all;  come for the video and stay for our new book!  Love offering taken.
A Love offering is accepted at each class.  For more information please call 847-297-0997

“W.I.R.E. - Women in Recovery Excel”

7:00 pm

On Sundays, Unity Northwest Church will be hosting W.I.R.E. -Women In Recovery Excel at 7:00pm.  We will be reading from the book "A Women's Way Through The 12 Steps".  Stephanie Covington designed this book to "Help a woman find her own path". 
Instead of focusing on one specific addiction issue in this group, we will be focusing on how we struggle with powerlessness and finding the solution through the 12 Steps.  Our goal is to create a sacred space where women can continue to discover the divine within and walk their own unique journey beyond addiction.  Long term recovery brings multiple levels of healing including how we relate to ourselves, others, our sexuality, our purpose and how we relate to the world.    

Come join us if you are interested in growing your recovery to flourish in sobriety. A love offering will be accepted.