Ambassador Team
Team Leader: Doe Crosh

Members of this team serve as host or hostess to outside guest speakers. They ensure the guests have what they need for their presentation here. 

This includes handling the opening & closing of the church. If the guest speaker has a set fee to attend their workshop or presentation, it is waived for the person serving as Ambassador. 

What a great way to get to know the guest speakers better!If you are interested in serving in this way, Brenda will be happy to provide you with training about your responsibilities.  

For more information about a team/s or to become a member of a team/s call the church office (847-297-0997). 
Volunteer Ministries
Click a team name for more information.


Become an Ambassador and assist our special guest speakers and presenters.

Audio Team

Help to create the sound recordings of our Sunday services.


Join our team of Chaplains and hold our congregation in prayer.


If gardening is your passion, then join us in keeping our grounds beautiful.


If you love to bake or just love to feed people, share your skills on our Hospitality Team.


Want to extend your service outside of our spiritual community. See how you can make a difference.

Prayer Team

Join us in holding the highest good for all those participating in our Spiritual community.


Be the first to greet all of the wonderful people who step through our doors.

Video Recording Team

Help to create the video recordings of our Sunday services.

Youth Ministry

Facilitate classes and events for our children and teens and not only assist them but experience your own Spiritual unfoldment as well.

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