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You Are a Cell in the Heart of Humanity - Greg Barrette
Separate heart cells in a lab dish beat with an irregular rhythm, but when even a few individual ones are clumped together, they beat as one. Each heart cell has its own unique function, but it cannot fulfill its purpose until it joins together as a whole heart. 
Every one of us is like an individual cell.  We each have our own rhythm, which cannot fully express unless we join together in the great heart of humanity.  There, we beat as one.

Heart cells do not have walls, nor are they truly separate from one another.  But they do have membranes, which allow the necessary nutrients to move through while the unnecessary things cannot pass.  Good boundaries are permeable membranes, not walls.   We are not separate, yet we are uniquely one.

Life is a dance between these two poles of expression. Each of us is a unique individual who is also connected in oneness with all of humanity. 

Too often, our own soul membranes can become rigid and inflexible, like walls. At other times, we may seem to have no boundaries at all, and leave ourselves open to unhealthy inputs. When we remember the balance between our oneness and our uniqueness, we shift from unhealthy separateness or enmeshment to a healthy connectedness.
We each can only fulfill our individual role when we are part of a whole that is greater than any one of us, one with the whole heart of humanity.  In this oneness, self-differentiation and togetherness go hand in hand.

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