Nursery & Preschool Classrooms

Ages 1 month to 2 years

  • Our focus is on creating a safe, sacred and loving space in order to build a foundation of trust for our youngest members.

Ages 3 years to Kindergarten

  • Lessons are presented in simple and repetitive ways reinforcing the idea that God is love and we are loved just as we are.

  • Creative expression is done through play, games and art.

Elementary Classrooms


Grades 1st to 4th

  • The lessons focus on reinforcing the idea that God is within us, around us, everywhere present and that we are loved unconditionally. 

  • We also begin to establish a basic understanding of the Bible and how the stories in the Bible reflect Unity Principles. Other sacred writings and contemporary children’s stories are also used.

  • The children are encouraged to connect with their inner wisdom and to live the Truth they know.

  • Creative expression is done through art, games, science, food activities and storytelling.

The Sunday Morning Experience

The Welcome
Greeting Activity

As each child enters the classroom they are asked how they would like to be greeted. They are also encouraged to move their photo into the center of the heart so we can see who is with us for the day.

Responsibility Cards

Each child is invited to choose a responsibility of the day, such as, Greeting Angel; Bell Ringer; Love Offering Angel, etc... This helps the children to understand that they all have something to give and that they can help to create their own classroom experience. This also fosters leadership.

The Sacred Circle

  • Activities to Unite

  • Activities to Connect

  • Activities to Center

  • Activities to Commit

Story Telling

Once the sacred circle is complete, a Bible, sacred story or contemporary story is shared. The children are then engaged in the Living Curriculum questioning strategy that invites them to explore: the literal events of the story; the 
feelings/experiences of the characters; how this story shows up in their lives and in the world around them; and how they would like it to be.

Creative Experiences

Now the children are invited into creative experiences that encourage them to explore what the story and discussion meant to them personally. Possible creation stations are:

  • Art Expressions

  • Movement & Games

  • Science

  • Fun with Food

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