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Do You Remember Who You Are? - Greg Barrette
You are a soul: pure spirit, the essence of pure being.

Your right and perfect place to shine that light is here, and your right and perfect time is now.

I remember the first time that I remembered that I had forgotten that truth...

I was two or three years old, running down the driveway, holding a toy car in each hand. I even remember that one of them was a plastic Ford Ranchero.

My mother, being a good mother of her era, had put me in these big, awkward, clunky leather shoes, so I often tripped as I ran. After skinning my knee (again), I stood up, crying, and then realized that I had forgotten something--a thing that I had promised myself long
before that I would never let myself forget.

So I cried harder.

What was that thing? I didn't know anymore.

Years later, I remembered it!

This happened on the last day of the International Youth of Unity Conference. I was 16. We California kids had to catch an evening train from Union Station in Kansas City. Since we had some time, we walked downtown by the Midland Theater. A matinee of "2001: A Space Odyssey" was starting. We were just in time. Of the eleven of us, only two made
it through the film without falling asleep. I was one. I will never get over that life-transforming experience.

Something had awakened in me. I saw the film as a metaphor for everything that this life is about: the birthing of a new expression of my soul.

Later, when I got onto the train, I pulled out some comic books by Robert Crumb and began reading. A girl who just happened to be sitting next to me pointed out the hidden metaphysics of the page I was on. This launched us into a conversation that went deeper and deeper until we entered a wordless interplay in which we both seemed to know what
the other one was thinking. It felt like time had stopped. Other kids would walk up to us and then leave in utter puzzlement of what we were doing, which just made us laugh more and more.

She then said something sarcastic and walked away. I moved into the gap between the passenger cars, where I looked out into the Texas Panhandle sky. I had never seen so many stars.

And then something came to me. It was the thing that I had forgotten. I remembered my soul--the essence of my being.

That week of spiritual experiences, followed by the mind-expanding parable of the film and the intuitive connection with another soul--all these served to open me up to the thing that I had forgotten. I could see my life and its purpose and meaning clearly for the first time. I could feel and experience the essence of life and how I was connected with it all.

That was the moment that I began to keep a journal and dedicate myself to daily meditation, so that when everybody around me was partying and running around, I was going out into the woods near my home and communing with nature--both the nature that was around me and my inner nature, my soul. My life has never been the same since then.

Do you remember who you are?

Your timeless soul is calling you from across the ages, beckoning you to venture inward.

Meditation is the key.

Find your soul. It is worth your every effort.

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