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Getting to Know Your Soul - Greg Barrette
“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” So said the Persian mystic Rumi.

All of God, all of the essence of the whole universe, contained in your very center, the soul of you. THAT is your true identity. THAT is your soul.

But you've got to get to know that soul.

If you wanted to become friends with someone, what would you do? You'd hang out with them. You'd spend time with them. You would be fully present with them, as much as you were capable. You'd listen to them.

Well, what are you doing with your soul?

Are you spending time hanging out with your soul awareness? What are you doing every day to get to know your soul, to quicken and awaken your soul evolution? Are you making friends with it?

This is a simple analogy. What are your spiritual practices, your walks in the woods, your times that remind you that everything in your life exists to grow you spiritually?

In a time of crisis, I posted two signs by my phone: "This can only bless me" and "This can only heal me". They kept me on track in my quest to connect with my soul. This got me in touch with the fact that everything in my life was moving me forward.

Your soul evolution is always the most important thing. So, whatever you think is going on in your life is secondary. The things you think are important come second. The only thing is your soul evolution.

Pope Francis says that when he was exiled for two years, it was the making of him. Did you know that, in 1986, his superiors thought that he was too strict, too stern, too authoritarian? He was seen as harsh, difficult and ultra-conservative. Uncompassionate and
uncompromising. Pope Francis!

So they sent him off to exile in a faraway province, restricting him pretty much to one room for prayer and fasting. and told him to get over himself. That would be the end of his career, right?

Except he changed. He says now that, sure, there were some things about it that seemed unjust, but it didn't matter. He used it for healing.

After two years, he was such a changed person when he returned that he rose quickly to the top.

Where in your life are you finding experiences such that you go "Oh, I don't like that. I don't want that."?

Maybe it is only there to bless you.

Did your dentist ever give you a red pill? When it dissolved, it stained the plaque on your teeth, revealing what you had been missing with your toothbrush.

If you want your "soul-smile" to be beautiful, you have to get rid of the plaque. You've got to know where to brush. And these situations of life are here to show you, as a soul in evolution, what it is that you are supposed to work on.

It's just red dye. Smile in the mirror and start brushing!

That's what Francis did. He came out of it a changed person.

He got to know his soul.

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