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Give Thanks for a Divine Idea - Greg Barrette

In 1978, while I was in ministerial school, I was assigned to chauffeur Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking, around Kansas City, where he was to give a convention speech. I found him to be one of the warmest, kindest and most generous souls that I have ever met. 


In the course of our conversation, I had to ask him, "How are you so prolific? You write a long syndicated column each week in the newspapers, a Sunday talk, and so many lectures and books. How do you do all that?"


He said that it was a challenge, but that he had learned first to always take out a blank piece of paper, close his eyes and give thanks to the Holy Spirit for a Divine idea. The thoughts would simply flow from there. That prayer had never failed him. "I cannot imagine undertaking anything without giving thanks in advance", he said.


Whenever I have to write something, including this article, or give a talk or class, I remember what he told me. When I put this prayer into practice, it always serves.


My favorite affirmation for this is, "Thank you God for a Divine idea". It works.


Recently, I had what appeared to be an unsolvable problem. But when I took it into this kind of prayer, an answer came forth unexpectedly that solved everything on so many levels, in so many unexpected ways, that I was simply amazed.


When faced with the seemingly insurmountable, the prayer "Thank you God for a Divine idea" always gets me out of my intellect and into my intuition, where the real answers always reside. It solves problems and opens up the door to deep creativity. 


Try it! It never fails.

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