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Spells of Cussedness - Greg Barrette

Myrtle Fillmore wrote "We don't tell you to deny the existence of all your problems or shortcomings. You should admit to them. But don't identify yourself with them. 'Spells of cussedness' are the result of the Spirit of Good doing a much-needed housecleaning work."

"Spells of cussedness?" Those are those experiences that you don't like, that you've labeled as less than perfect, that you've judged as bad or wrong.

Do you want to grow spiritually?

Then you are willing to go through some tough experiences of life and understand that it's just the stuff that gets you in touch with your soul, that brings out out the true inner essence of your inner being.

By grappling with these issues, whether they show up personally, in a family system, at work or on the world scene, you will find rich opportunities to see what your soul is truly made of!

Thirty years ago, I heard that some individuals in my church were telling tales that weren't true, and I took it very, very personally. So personally that I felt it necessary to go around trying to counter every untrue statement that I had heard about.

That just made things worse. I got caught up in a "he said, she said" conflict that was rising to epic proportions.

Then came the Sunday when a church member walked up to me during the
greeting time and told me about a strange dream she had just the night

In it, I was walking through a cow pasture, reaching down, picking up and stacking in my arms the many cow patties that I was finding there. Did I know what that meant?

Did I? In a flash it came to me that I needed to learn how not to take things so personally, for by doing so, I was picking up the effluvia of others.

In the weeks that followed, to the extent that I could de-personalize the issues of others and walk on, I lived in peace. To the extent that I reached down, picked up and stacked them, I didn't. What a marvelous opportunity to grow!

After many fits and starts, I learned this lesson. (most of the time, anyway)

How can you dis-identify with these "spells"? Try taking into meditation an affirmation, such as: "I Am That I Am". "I Am my Christ Consciousness", "I am now in the presence of pure Being". Let these words wash over you, setting you free. Sit there. Just sit there. And
make the commitment that you will not arise again until you feel a shift is happening.

When you get up from your chair, you may find that what you thought was an insurmountable problem has shifted, as well.

You are a soul in evolution and you are evolving through every experience of your life, even "spells of cussedness". Embrace these "spells" and just keep on growing!

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