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Take Care of Your Own Feet - Greg Barrette

A sage told the parable of a pilgrim who had to traverse a fiery hot desert on his journey. First, the sands burned his feet and then, the sharp rocks cut them. He didn't know what to do. 


Then it came to him that he if he would just carry two rolls of leather, one under each arm, he could make it across. He would pave the desert with leather. And so he spread out the first roll and walked its length and then unrolled the second, and so on. This took a lot of time and was quite difficult. He wasn't making much progress. 


Then he had a new idea. What if he cut out two small ovals of leather and tied them to his feet? These makeshift sandals allowed him to get across the desert swiftly. 


How often are we like that pilgrim? We work so hard to change the environment around us in order to get through our journey of life, when we could just do our own spiritual work and let things be. Then we would be able to move through all of it so much more easily.


Do your inner work, the spiritual work. Take care of your own feet. Your life's journey will become so much more enjoyable.

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