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Upstairs Love or Downstairs Love? - Greg Barrette

Do you know how to love?

My friend who grew up in a Unity church complained that she felt confused about love. Two sisters ran her church. One had the upstairs and the other, the downstairs. The upstairs sister told the adults that you had to stand up for yourself, set boundaries, be strong, and never be a pushover or a doormat. The downstairs sister taught the children to give unconditionally, surrender, yield, and be kind and nice to everybody. Yang and yin.

Which one is love?

"I grew up confused. I didn't know which one to believe. Sometimes I'd try the downstairs way and get pushed around, so the next time I'd try the upstairs way and it'd blow up in my face. Then I discovered that sometimes, I had to love one way, and sometimes, the other way. My heart seemed to know which, if I listened to it."

Are you an upstairs lover or a downstairs lover?

You are here on earth for this one purpose: to learn how to love. There is no formula. Love becomes your inner experience when you link your own good heart with the warm, personal, compassionate heart that beats at the center of the universe, the heart of God.

There is that in you that already knows how to love. Your good heart, your heart of courage, knows how to love. As you let go of all of your pictures of what love is supposed to be, you become humble and teachable enough to possess the childlike openness necessary to learn kind of love. You really want to love the way the heart of the Universe loves--to see love in a new light, in a new way. As you let go into its stream and simply rest in love, you find that love is the answer. There is no question.

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