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Your Soul's Perfect Process of Unfoldment - Greg Barrette

Unity's mystic and poet James Dillet Freeman once told me that whenever he recognized that he had fallen short, he would tell himself "Well, that just shows 'I've come up to here!'"

You are a soul in evolution, not perfected, but perfect in your unfoldment. Just as the rose discloses its perfection at every stage of its development, from seed, to shoot, to stalk, to bud, to flowering blossom, to dormant winter plant—so you are perfect in your every level of expression. You uniquely shine forth the perfection of the whole of you in each step of your soul evolution.

Your soul is always in process. This means your soul is not a noun, but a verb. It is, in a sense, the conjugation of the verb "to be"--the process of the unfoldment of your inner being.

When Moses heard the fiery light speaking from within that desert bush, "I Am THAT I Am" it wasn't speaking its name as a noun. YHWH, the Hebrew name of God that was taken from that desert experience was the Hebrew verb "to be", or "to come into being". And being just is! Being is is-ing itself and expressing fluidly as a verb expresses, not a static noun, a place, a person or a thing. Being is always in process, not a final result. "I am the perfect unfoldment of Being" was what it was saying. And, having been made in the image-likeness of God, so are we!

You are evolving, you are growing, you aren't supposed to have it all together! You must embrace your soul, accepting and loving yourself just as you are and not judging yourself.

Unity's co-founder Charles Fillmore used to begin his services with an invocation that began "I am now in the presence of pure being". More than that, you ARE the presence of pure being, constantly unfolding in process.

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