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The Role of Prayer at Unity Northwest
Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Unity’s cofounders, established Unity based on prayer. They had their wonderful healings because of prayer and were able to help others through the power of prayer. Therefore prayer is an integral part of Unity’s beliefs, and the same holds true for Unity Northwest. Prayer whether it is our own, with others, or others for us deepens our trust and connection with God as our source.  It also helps us to let go and let God be God in ourselves and others. This allows us the ability to listen from a place within our hearts.

Myrtle Fillmore, in her book, Healing Letters, said, “As you learn to see the fullness of God’s life and love and power and substance in others, you will know that you need not pour out your own for them. You will have the knowledge and the light to call their attention to what they have and prompt them to use it.

We are devoted to supporting UNW congregation with prayer and here are several ways we accomplish this.
The Role of the Unity Northwest Prayer Team

Our Prayer Team functions more behind the scenes and are not visible in the normal church activities.  However, they do a tremendous service for UNW and help maintain the high watch of prayer.

  • In the lobby at UNW is box which has a “Prayer Request” sign. Every Sunday after the
    last service the Prayer Team Leader gathers the prayer requests from the box. The
    requests are sent via e-mail to all the members of Prayer Team. These prayer requests
    are held in total confidentiality.

  •  Each Prayer Team member holds these requests in their daily prayer and pray for them for 7 days.  After the 7 days, the prayer requests are sent to Silent Unity at Unity
    headquarters outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Silent Unity also prays for them another
    30 days. We have provided a link connection to Silent Unity so you can also send them a prayer request from this web site.

  •  In addition, the Prayer Team also coordinates and leads UNW participation in Unity’s
    World Day of Prayer. This occurs annually the second week in September. There is
    always a service on that Wednesday to kick off the World Day of Prayer. Then members of the church as well as the Prayer Team members participate in 24 hour period of prayer. It is always powerful and transforming!

Unity Northwest Chaplains

The Prayer Chaplain program was begun not to replace our Prayer Team but as an additional aspect of prayer support provided at UNW.

One or two of our Prayer Chaplains leads the opening prayer at each Sunday service and then are available to pray with anyone after the service. 

When someone becomes a member of Unity Northwest, they are assigned to a Prayer Chaplain. Each month the Prayer Chaplains will make contact with their list of members to support them in prayer. In addition they hold their members in prayer during their daily prayer and meditation. All prayer requests are held in strictest confidence

In addition they attend monthly meeting with the Prayer Chaplain Coordinator and Minister to support each other and pray together.

Prayer for Protection
The Light of God surrounds you, 
the Love of God enfolds you,
the Power of God protects you,
and the Presence of God watches
over you. Wherever you are, God is.
- James Dillet Freeman
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