Ministry Teams' Leadership Council
Unity Northwest Leadership Council is made up of every Team Leader, the Minister to whom all the Team Leaders report and the Board of Trustees. The Leadership Council serves to elevate and call attention to the importance of the Team Leaders roles with the church They are the lay leaders of the church, and their involvement and participation is crucial to the operation and success of Unity Northwest.

The another purpose of the Leadership Council to provide opportunities and encourage communications between the Team Leaders, Minister, and the Board of Trustees. This is a forum to deal with questions, ideas and suggestions, and provide additional spiritual support for those serving. Also to determine ways the Teams and Team Leaders can or need to be supported as well as facilitate Team Leaders supporting each other. 

The council meets a minimum of twice a year or more frequently if a need is determined for them to meet. The meetings are called and chaired by the Minister.

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Volunteer Ministries
Click a team name for more information.


Become an Ambassador and assist our special guest speakers and presenters.

Audio Team

Help to create the sound recordings of our Sunday services.


Join our team of Chaplains and hold our congregation in prayer.


If gardening is your passion, then join us in keeping our grounds beautiful.


If you love to bake or just love to feed people, share your skills on our Hospitality Team.


Want to extend your service outside of our spiritual community. See how you can make a difference.

Prayer Team

Join us in holding the highest good for all those participating in our Spiritual community.


Be the first to greet all of the wonderful people who step through our doors.

Video Recording Team

Help to create the video recordings of our Sunday services.

Youth Ministry

Facilitate classes and events for our children and teens and not only assist them but experience your own Spiritual unfoldment as well.

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